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10 Ways to Make Money Watching Videos in 2023

Do you want to use your spare time to watch video as a way of generating money? Believe it or not, you can really make cash just by watching videos from the comfort of home.

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Key Takeaways

  • Maximize your leisure time by earning money watching videos with top apps like Swagbucks, InboxDollars and MyPoints!

  • Explore unique ways to get paid for watching videos such as becoming a Netflix Tagger or providing video review services on Fiverr.

  • Maximize earnings from video watching through referral programs and combining multiple platforms!

Top Apps to Earn Money by Watching Videos

These top apps that enable you to get paid for watching videos and ads provide an enjoyable way of making money online. Users can get paid to watch videos anywhere, including on YouTube as well as receive cash payments, gift cards or other incentives just by taking their time viewing video content from these popular platforms—so essentially they are being compensated for watching the clips!

So take a break and start earning some extra income in your free hours easily with this form of entertainment!


MoreSurveys is the highest paying survey site on the internate at the moment. They have thousands of paid surveys available daily and also allow you to earn by watching videos and playing games. With no withdrawal fees and a $1.00 minimum cashout, what's not to love?

Paid survey sites offer several benefits to individuals looking to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes. Firstly, they provide a convenient and flexible way to make money by simply sharing your opinions on various products and services. These platforms typically require minimal time and effort, making them accessible to virtually anyone. Additionally, paid survey sites often offer a diverse range of survey opportunities, allowing participants to express their preferences on a wide array of topics. Some of the best paid survey sites online include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, and Pinecone Research. These reputable platforms not only compensate users for their valuable insights but also offer various other earning options like cash rewards, Amazon Gift Cards, and product testing opportunities. While you won't get rich from paid surveys, they can certainly provide a convenient and easy way to earn some extra money.


Swagbucks Users can watch all sorts of video content on the website or through its mobile app making it convenient for them wherever they are located while having fun in doing so too! With this platform you’ll accumulate points quickly by experiencing viral clips along with ads and news stories also available within their library, all leading towards earning much desired cash prizes upon reaching your target amount which is easily accomplished because cashing out requires a relatively low initial cost of ten dollars maximum .


Users can earn rewards with InboxDollars by completing tasks such as watching videos and taking surveys. Their video content includes a variety of topics, from news to technology to health & fitness. When it comes time to get paid for your efforts, you have options like PayPal or gift cards that are redeemable at stores like Amazon or Walmart. Plus, more ways of earning money through activities including surveys and deals emails keep the possibilities open on InboxDollars!


Users of MyPoints, a popular rewards site, are able to reap benefits for watching video playlists, completing surveys and shopping online. A great way of having fun and making money is by earning points when you either shop online or digitally, answer questionnaires or enjoy playing games - with these perks in mind it’s easy to see why members love spending time on this website!

There’s the benefit that your hard-earned points can be exchanged for cashback offers. Gift cards or travel miles - perfect if you’re looking forward to rewarding yourself after browsing shops online or taking part in some market research. Whatever vacation destination you have planned out. Let MyPoints help get take closer towards achieving those dreams today!

Online Platforms for Earning Money Watching Videos

These days, there are multiple platforms on the internet which provide a great chance to make money by viewing videos. Examples include Swagbucks and InboxDollars. PrizeRebel or iRazoo also offer ways of obtaining rewards through watching online clips such as movie trailers such as those hosted on YouTube, commercials and video ads from social media influencers. So why not turn your love for observing movies into an exciting side job? All it takes is some exploration of these websites where you can pick up monetary benefits with minimal effort!


PrizeRebel is an excellent rewards website where users can accumulate points through watching videos, filling out surveys and taking advantage of various offers. By promoting the site to others or by participating in bonus activities on social media platforms you are able to rapidly raise your point balance with PrizeRebel.

Once enough points have been collected, they may be traded for cash prizes, gift cards and a variety of other incentives, all at least five dollars each plus payments typically completed within 24 hours! With these features, it’s simple to convert those precious prize points into tangible value using Prize Rebel.


On the platform iRazoo, users can earn points by viewing videos, filling out surveys and doing other web-based tasks. With countless video options available on their own streaming channel named “iRazoo TV”, you’ll have a great selection of entertaining clips to watch while amassing your rewards.

When it’s time to cash in these collected points cash rewards, simply trade them for PayPal money or gift cards – no fuss required! Plus new customers get 100 bonus Points when they join. Giving them an instant advantage towards earning exclusive prizes through this reward program.

Unique Ways to Get Paid for Watching Videos

For additional ways to make money by watching videos, people could consider becoming a Netflix Tagger or offering video feedback services through Fiverr. These creative jobs enable users to view and evaluate visual content while making some income in return for their time and skills.

Whether someone is viewing films on Netflix or supplying useful comments for producers on Fiverr, these unusual opportunities can be entertaining as well as financially rewarding.

Become a Netflix Tagger

Working as a Netflix Tagger allows you to utilize your love of entertainment in an exciting job opportunity. It requires knowledge and expertise on the streaming platform, including its content selection. The role involves categorizing movies and TV shows into relevant genres or moods plus tagging them with storyline-related metadata for easy navigation by users, all aimed at boosting their viewing experience overall. Those who possess such skills can thrive in this position if they are committed to doing so. It may prove quite fulfilling!

Offer Video Review Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great platform for you to monetize your passion of watching videos. As a video reviewer, you can provide feedback and suggestions that helps content creators grow their audiences while earning money at the same time. To excel in this field on Fiverr, it requires strong writing capabilities along with keen attention to detail and good constructive criticism skills. With effort and dedication devoted into this occupation, one may be able to create successful freelancing opportunities through analyzing video content thus making an income from doing something they love, viewing videos!

Participating in Studies and Focus Groups

A great way to make money is by taking part in studies and focus groups, like psychological research and customer-centered panels. These investigations often require people to first watch videos online and then offer critical commentary or provide feedback on what they see.

Not only do these opportunities pay out, but you can also help progress the growth of knowledge as well as assist with creating new products/services—all just from watching videos!

Psychological Studies

You can earn money while contributing to meaningful psychological research just by watching videos and offering your feedback. To take part, sign up with a research institution or university that is conducting these studies. You’ll not only be compensated for the time spent on youtube videos but also get an opportunity to learn about different areas of psychology from video stimuli.

Consumer Focus Groups

You have the chance to get paid to watch and make money from watching videos when taking part in consumer focus groups. You’ll get paid for viewing and closely examining clips, usually regarding products or services. This process enables you to gain financial benefits while being able to affect the production of something which is related businesses/brands that your love. To locate these types of opportunities, search online market research firms, social media platforms or ask around among people you know who may be involved in them already.

Freelance Opportunities in Video Content Creation

If you’re into creating video content and looking to make some extra money too, there are plenty of freelance possibilities for doing so. Take the chance to hone your abilities while earning extra cash in your free time by transcribing videos or writing reviews about films/television series.

Whether it’s a full-time job that you wish for yourself or an additional source of income on top of other commitments, these opportunities can offer just the right blend between creativity and generating profits.

Transcribing and Captioning Videos

For those looking to make money with their skills, transcribing and captioning videos is a great way of doing so. This involves taking spoken words in video recordings and converting them into written text or adding on-screen captions online videos which contain sound effects as well. These services are essential for making sure that everyone can access the content regardless of hearing impairment or even language preferences.

To get started with this lucrative opportunity one needs strong typing abilities along with acute attention to detail. There’s several ways you could approach it. From applying at transcription companies all the way through freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, offering video review services being another potential option worth exploring too!

Writing Movie and TV Show Reviews

For those who enjoy and are skilled in writing about entertainment, freelance movie/TV review work can be a great source of income. Writing informative critiques on films or TV shows after careful viewing provides others with valuable opinions regarding the quality of said content.

In order to successfully become a professional reviewer you must have an excellent grasp on written language as well as being detail-oriented and possessing the ability to offer constructive criticism . Dedication is key when pursuing this type of career path – if committed fully it could reward writers passionate for film & television immensely!

Maximizing Earnings from Watching Videos

For maximum profit from your video watching hobby, you can use referral programs and multiple platforms together. Many rewards sites offer bonus incentives when you invite others to watch video ads or join their platform, giving yourself an extra source of cash or points.

Combining a few different options is the best way to make more money in less time. By having access to several apps and websites dedicated solely for watching videos, it will be much easier for you to increase your earnings significantly!

Referral Programs

Referral programs are an effective way for customers to benefit from recommending a company or its products. Earnably is one such program that rewards people when they share the link with their contacts, granting them 10% of whatever money earned by those referred while viewing videos watching online videos. This provides both parties (referrers and recipients) with chances to increase their incomes without investing much effort in watching numerous clips themselves. Thus referral plans can be used as ways to make more cash through video-viewing tasks!

Combining Multiple Platforms

If you want to maximize your earning potential from watching videos, then utilizing various video-viewing platforms and apps is a great way to do so. Platforms such as User Testing or Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel can provide fantastic opportunities for those who take advantage of them, especially in terms of promotional offers and referrals which generate more income.

In combination with the aforementioned programs, other options exist that make it possible to Develop an earnings plan based on simply spending time viewing online content. Exploring these possibilities will help ensure maximum return when dedicating effort into ‘video watching.’


With the potential to earn money from watching videos, why not use your spare time to watch ads productively? With plenty of apps and different ways available that make it possible for you to turn video-viewing into a profitable activity, take advantage of these opportunities now and start making some extra cash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get paid for watching videos?

You can also earn money online by watching videos! Programs such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars and others offer amazing ways to make cash on the internet through viewing clips. So if you’re looking for a way to generate income online – why not give it a go with video streaming?

Can I earn money by watching TikTok videos?

It is possible to make money just by watching videos on TikTok! You can do this through platforms like Swagbucks and Coinbase that reward you for taking the time to view content. After signing up, it’s easy-simply watch as many clips as possible and begin racking in cash with every one viewed. Earnings are directly linked to how much viewing you put into your activity. So get out there and start earning some dough while enjoying yourself at the same time!

How earn money in online?

Generate money from the web by researching various enterprise opportunities, such as freelance labour, drop delivery services, online questionnaires, virtual assisting and launching a YouTube channel.

These are only some of the best methods to produce additional income streams: try your luck in affiliate marketing, set up a blog or author an ebook, design apps for monetizing purposes.

What are some popular apps that pay you for watching videos?

MyPoints, InboxDollars and Swagbucks are great apps that enable users to make money by just viewing videos! You can easily earn cash with no extra effort, only watch the clips for a chance at some free money back.

How can I make money as a Netflix Tagger?

Start earning today by taking on the job of Netflix Tagging! This involves watching and assigning categories to content so as to enhance customer satisfaction. It’s an effortless way for you to make and earn money watching videos. Begin your journey now and start accumulating wealth quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Surveys

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys offer you a quick and simple way to earn money online. Brands are looking for real public opinions on the types of products and services that you use every day. Most people will have experienced companies sending them a “let us know what you think” email after purchasing a product. At MoreSurveys, we pay you for this type of feedback, because your opinions are VALUABLE.

How much can I earn from paid surveys?

As a company, we pay out over $5000.00 every day in rewards to our members who take paid surveys, complete sign up offers, watch videos and play games to earn money. Surveys payments typically vary depending on the time and effort required per completion. You will typically find that surveys pay anything from $0.50 to $20.00. Why do companies pay you to take surveys?

Why do companies pay you to complete surveys?

Market research is highly important to companies in order for them to shape and develop their future products/services. Without customer feedback, it is very difficult for brands to know exactly what their customers want and need. This shows how valuable market research surveys are, and is why they are willing to pay for it. Btaking paid surveys, you are helping shape the future of how they operate.

Can I only earn money for surveys or are there other ways to make money online?

At MoreSurveys, we offer a variety of earning opportunities to our members – not just paid surveys. You can earn money by playing games, watching videos or completing trial/sign up offers. Our referral program also offers an alternative way to boost your income. Earn 10% of everything that your referrals earn for life. So if you’re looking for a way to earn a passive income, this is perfect for you.

How quickly do I get paid to take surveys?

Most survey payments are issued instantly after completions. However, some can take around 24 hours.